1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria Custom

Bernt Karlsson (2000-2004)

Custom Exterior

  • R 2023/24 Body and Paint by Bernt Karlsson
  • PPG Mandarin Copper Paint
  • 1941 Lincoln Pushbutton Door Openers
  • 1955 Mercury Station Wagon Tail Lights
  • 1956 Ford Station Wagon Bumper and Bumperettes
  • 1956 Mercury Station Wagon Headlights
  • R 2022 1957 Cadillac Wheel Covers with Chrome Bullets
  • 1957 Mercury Station Wagon Fender Skirts
  • 1959 Ford Thunderbird Grille and Front Bumper
Al and Don Nosse (2000-2004)

Custom Interior

  • R 2024 1967 Ford Thunderbird Landau Bucket Seats
  • Two-Tone Tan Leather Interior, Custom Door Panels, Handles
  • 1956 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria Dash
  • Stewart Warner Wings™ Classic Gauges (6)
  • ididit Tilt Steering Column
  • Budnik Leather Wrapped Billet Steering Wheel
  • R 2021/24 1968 Ford Toploader 4-Speed Manual Transmission
  • NR 2021/24 Hurst Assisted McLeod Clutch
  • NR 2022/24 Gear Vendors Under/Overdrive
JBA Speed Shop (2024)

JBA AntiCrate™ Engine

  • N 2024 Blueprinted: BBF 385 Series, 460/509 CID, 10.3:1, 91
  • NR 2021/24 Holley Sniper Single Quad EFI (650 HP)
  • N 2021 Weiand Stealth™ Dual Plane Intake Manifold
  • N 2024 Kaase SR-71 Cylinder Heads
  • N 2024 Schneider Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
  • N 2024 SCAT Custom 509 CID BBF Rotating Assembly
  • R 2021/24 Custom Doug’s Headers Ceramic Coated
  • R 2021/24 Custom 2.5 Ceramic Coated Exhaust
  • R 2021/24 March Serpentine Belt System
Art Morrison (2000-2004)

Custom Chassis

  • R 2021/24 AM Smoothed Chassis with PPG Mandarin Copper Paint
  • R 2021/22 AM 2x4 Boxed Frame with Tubular Front Control Arms
  • R 2021/22 AM 2.0 Drop Spindle Kit
  • R 2021/22 AM 4-Link Rear with Tubular Control Arms
  • R 2021/22 Aldan American Coil Over Adjustable Shocks
  • R 2021/22 Flaming River Rack and Pinion Steering
  • N 2023/24 Ford 9.0 Posi Rear, 4.11 Gears, 3.20 GV Overdrive
  • R 2021/22 Moser 31 Spline Axles
  • R 2021/22 Wilwood 11.0 Discs Front, Ford Excursion 11.0 Discs Rear

C8DENCE is the word CADENCE replacing the “A” with an “8”. C8DENCE in this instance means a “rhythmic flow of a sequence of sounds” e.g. the sound of the JBA Speed Shop AntiCrate™ BBF 385/460/509 Stroker. The piston firing order of 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 is the CADENCE.

I was able to secure both the C8DENCE California Personalized License Plates and C8DENCE.com website URL. This website will be used to document the history of the vehicle. I have been in communication with Fred Piluso, the original owner and builder of the vehicle.

California Personalized License Plate - C8DENCE Whale Tail

I am currently writing a review about my “less than satisfactory” experience of purchasing a custom classic vehicle online from Volo Auto Sales in Volo, Illinois on Monday, June 28, 2021.

The vehicle arrived in Costa Mesa, California on Thursday, July 22, 2021 at 13:00 (Pacific Time) and was driven for 10 miles at which time a host of mechanical issues were discovered.

This is an incredible car. Finished 15 years ago and driven 3,500 miles. It still shows and functions incredibly well. I personally drove it home and was impressed. It is ready to be enjoyed – show and go!