460 Cobra Jet – Ford Racing Technologies Crate Engine

  • 460 CI/7.5L 385/Lima Series (Long Block M-6007-E460)
  • High performance engine for bracket race cars, late-model short track racers, and marine applications.
  • 10.5:1 Compression Ratio (Nominal)
  • “Performer RPM” Dual Plane Intake Manifold

    2003 Note: Replaced with Blue Thunder Dual Intake Manifold and Holley Dual Quads (600 CFM)

    2021 Note: Replaced with Weiand Stealth™ Dual Plane Intake Manifold and Holley Sniper EFI 550-510

  • Ford Racing “Cobra Jet” Aluminum Heads with Ford Racing Valve Train (M-6049-B429)

    M-6049-B429 – Also known as the “B429” cylinder heads (same as the A429). The only difference was that they were produced with a 1-degree difference in valve angle from the A429. Because of this difference in valve angle as valve lifts reached above .700” the valves would barely touch on the overlap. The intake valve was reduced to 2.20” to eliminate interference in high valve lift applications.

  • Ford Racing High-Torque Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft (M-6250-A443) .562’ intake, .588’ exhaust lift, 234 degree intake, 244 degree exhaust duration at .050’ lobe lift.
  • Long Block Engine Assembly (M-6007-E460), Short Block Engine Assembly (M-6009-D460): Custom built with the same quality controls as a new production engine that includes crank, rods, pistons, timing chain, roller rocker arms, hydraulic flat tappets, push rods, oil pump and pickup, oil pan, valve covers (M-6582-C460), front cover, water pump, damper, flywheel, spark plugs, related long block engine parts and remanufactured block .030’ overbore – to which Ford Racing engineers have added:
    • Ford Racing “Cobra Jet” aluminum cylinder heads. They flow significantly more than production 460 heads and feature a Jon Kaase port design. Combustion chamber volume is 72cc (Nominal).
    • Ford Racing “Cobra Jet” valve train includes springs, retainers, keepers, seals and premium stainless steel swirl polished valves. Intake valve diameter is 2.20’ and exhaust valve diameter is 1.76’.
    • Ford Racing high performance hydraulic camshaft (M-6250-A443) provides significant horsepower increases above 1500 RPM and good low end torque. Valve lift is .562’ intake and .588’ exhaust. Duration at .050’ is 234 degrees intake and 244 degrees exhaust.
    • Remanufactured blocks have a clean-up cut to the cylinder head deck, align honed main bearing bore, bottom tapped holes (no heli-coils), new freeze plugs and cam bearings.
  • Packaged Dimensions: 36.0 x 38.0 x 55.75
  • Packaged Weight: 669 Pounds
  • UPC Code: 756122686195
  • 460 CI/7.5L 385 Series (Short Block M-6009-D460)
  • Remanufactured .030’ Overbore Block
  • Federal Mogul Hypereutectic Pistons (16cc Dish 10.5:1 Compression Ratio with CJ Heads)
  • Heavy Duty Forged Steel Connecting Rods
  • Nodular Iron Crankshaft
  • Ford Racing High Performance Hydraulic Camshaft (M-6250-A443)
  • Roller Timing Chain
  • Pistons Notched for CJ Heads
  • Engine is Externally Balanced
  • Same Short Block used to build the 535 Horsepower Crate Engine (M-6007-B460)
  • Packaged Dimensions: 31.0 x 22.0 x 25.0
  • Packaged Weight: 375 Pounds
  • UPC Code: 756122685662